Doggo Chart – Part 3

Doggos are back for a third diagram, explaining even more internet dog names in a h*ckin nice chart. Get a further educate on all the terms in the doggo/pupper memes.

We talk about internet-famous doggos, like Tuna. He’s a Chiweenie with an exaggerated overbite and over 2 million followers. Minnie & Max the Pugs are famous because they tilt their heads at the same time and it went viral. And Gabe is an incredibly famous pupper. He’s known from all the videos where he borks along to popular songs. We know there are many other famous doggos, but they didn’t give us permission to use their pictures.

Doggos do many commands. And the reward for these good behaviors is eating shmackos. But waiting anxiously for the shmackos causes a doggo to do the tippy taps.

Husker, pommer, foxxo, and hot doggo are some different kinds of doggos. And there is a distinct family of different boyes. Like golden boye, old boye, waddle boye, sic em boye, sleepy boye, shell boye, and shy shell boye.

Finally, there are doggo ratings. 11, 12, 13, or 14 out of 10 for an amazing doggo. But at LEAST 10 out of 10 for any doggo no matter heckin what, because they’re good dogs Brent.

This doggo diagram was made in Lucidchart, the web’s leading diagramming and visualization application.


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Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements
Sad pupper – by hannah k –
Play dead – by Yuya Tamai –
Foxxo – by jans canon –
Hot doggo – by Rana Sinha – (modified to be hot doggo)
Golden boye – by Franco Vannini –
Heb hob – by milo bostock –
14/10 – by Amanda Smith –
Eternal game – by Lil Shepherd –

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