Doggo Chart – Part 2

There are too many doggos for just one diagram, so here’s another chart explaining even more internet dog names. It’s another h*ckin educate for all the meme fanatics and pupper-lovin frens.

A doggo’s tongue does many things. A mlem is when a doggo licks its chops. A blop is when its tongue sticks out a bit. You might also call it a blep, but some people think that term is strictly for cattos.

There are more doggo species than could fit in the first video. This diagram highlights several more, including some pupperinos (which are especially cute puppers.)

Doggos also have many frens that aren’t the woof bork kind of doggos, like the sea doggo, the clip clop neigh doggo, and (sometimes) the catto. And there are endless activities for all the good boyes and girls, such as maximum borkdrive, doing a derp, and the cone of shame.

This doggo diagram was made in Lucidchart, the web’s leading diagramming and visualization application.


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Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements
Fire safety doggo – by Dayna Hilton –
Ballerino – by USAG Humphreys –
Downward doggo – by Mike Lewinski –
Cone head doggo – by Dave Schappell –
Moon moon – by Vilmos Vincze –
Shooberino – by Stiller Beobachter –
Leg lift – by Glen Bowman –
Squat – by Joshua Gandeson – (modified for less dog doo)
Sea pupper – by Dag Peak –
Blop – by Nan Palmero –
Doggo blep – by Donnie Ray Jones –
Cluk cluc doggo – by Rob and Stephanie Levy –
Catto blep – by Hisashi –
Corn doggo – by Lisa Cyr – (modified to be a corn doggo)
Derp – by Jelly Dude –
Maximum borkdrive – by Kevin –

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