Does Lean Six Sigma Work For Me, Even If I Don’t Interact With Customers?

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So we talked a lot about being customer focused. And I think that’s easy for people to understand. You know, I run a bakery. The customers walk in the front door. I need to have the bread that they’re looking for ready. I need to have a smile on my face. I need to deliver it in a defect-free manner. And you can measure defects from the customer perspective. But what if you have no interaction with the customer — the end customer — who’s paying you for that service at all? You work in the back office. You’re a programmer that never sees the light of day. You’re an accountant that only gets checks coming in on a daily basis and has to reconcile them. You’re a lab technician, where the order comes in, you pipette little things and you deliver your, you know, you run in under a microscope, you write how many amoebas you see; I don’t know. And so all you do is, you deliver a product internally. Does Lean Six Sigma apply to them?

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