Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast?

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Join us for one of our series of Innovation Leadership webinars.

We are extremely lucky to have Cris Beswick discuss his experience of working with some of the largest organisations in the world. I have seen Cris speak and it is not to be missed. Join us for this interactive event and networking.

As an advisor to some of the worlds most successful companies, Cris Beswick will share musings over what’s keeping him and the CEOs he works with up at night. Including whether Peter Drucker’s thoughts on ‘Culture Eating Strategy for Breakfast’ still apply in the extraordinary times we now find ourselves in. Do we, as leaders, now need a radical shift from trying to influence results to influence behaviour. Why leaders need to be design-led and although through the COVID-19 pandemic, WFH has proved to be doable, if you want innovation, does Zoom cut it or does physical workspace still rule? This is a session about big questions to provoke thought and inspire action about how to shape the future.


Cris Beswick is a serial entrepreneur turned strategic advisor, bestselling author & keynote speaker. Recognised globally as a thought leader on innovation strategy, leadership and culture, he’s helped some of the world’s most ambitious CEOs, companies and governments build innovation strategies, cultures and ecosystems. Cris is also a pioneer in the field of measuring innovation maturity, a Visiting Professor of Innovation at several business schools around the world, co-founder of innovation consulting firm ‘Outcome’, co-founder of the global innovation thought leadership platform ‘The Future Shapers’ and co-author of the bestselling book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’
Andy Sandford of We are Lean and Agile will be hosting the event and the recording will be available after the event to registrants so don’t worry if you cannot make it.

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