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With DocuSign Gen for Salesforce it’s easy to create custom complex quotes fast, reducing both time and errors throughout the quote-to-cash lifecycle, with just a few clicks.

Sales reps who manually generate agreements waste time and close fewer deals. Instead of selling, they spend time manually copying and pasting data from Salesforce into sales documents. This is how errors happen. More revisions because the template was out of date. Broken formatting from copying and pasting. Or missing data due to human error. Meanwhile, customers are left frustrated, waiting for final, accurate agreements.

Configure and control the entire process from Salesforce, clearing the path to “Closed-Won.”

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Video Transcript:
With DocuSign Quote Generation, it’s easy to create custom complex quote documents with Salesforce CPQ Plus. Sending quotes that are easy to consume eliminates any potential confusion between you and your customers, and shortens the quote-to-cash process. Let’s take a look.

Here, all of the products being sold are summarized in an easy-to-consume view with pricing broken out by each subscription year. Modifying a product will automatically trigger additional required content that must also be included in the quote, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency.

Here are three steps to set up DocuSign Quote Generation for Salesforce CPQ Plus.

First, convert any existing CPQ templates or create new ones. Any preexisting Salesforce CPQ templates can be easily converted to DocuSign templates by leveraging DocuSign’s template conversion tool to ensure there are no disruptions to your business. Now you are ready to create new templates. If you are new to CPQ or have additional templates you’d like to create, DocuSign makes it easy. Simply upload an existing template as a starting point and select your data fields.

Next, leverage advanced options to customize your quote document. A single template can generate many variations of finalized quotes. These options help to reduce the number of templates to create and maintain. For example, creating a template that includes conditional logic is as easy as selecting data fields within the template builder, which will automatically drop anchor text into your template.

And finally add the quote button to a Salesforce object. You can add the quote button to any object in Salesforce. Here, it has been added to the quote object for reps generating final quotes directly from Salesforce CPQ Plus.

Leveraging DocuSign’s Advanced Quote Generation functionality, available with Salesforce CPQ, allows sellers to create customized complex quotes fast, reducing both time and errors throughout the quote-to-cash lifecycle. To find out more, take our admin trail.

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