Dinosaurs Explained

It’s time to learn about dinosaurs! There are three main kinds of dinosaurs: carnivores, herbivores, and omnomnomnivores. Despite their many differences, they all have one thing in common: they’re dead.

There are many different dinosaurs, and some of the most popular are the giraffe dino, rhino dino, and the dorito back. There’s also the Jurassic cave pupper, dolphin dragon, and cuddlesaurus. Wait–that’s not a dinosaur, that’s a doggo. Bamboozled again.

And of course we can’t forget the murder chicken, known for its scary bits, thunder thighs, and itty bitty arms. Small arms make giving hugs and clapping hands hard for murder chickens. 🙁

Then there’s the clever girls. It turns out they look less like what you see in the movies, and more like a vicious turkey. Awkward.

Some dinos are totally fake, like the spicy dino, mileysaurus, lebrontosaurus james, and this weirdo, Yee. But real dinosaurs have many living relatives, like birbs, shell puppies, sneks, pocket dinos, steggapuppers–holy heck. It’s another doggo. IT’S A DOUBLE BAMBOOZLE.

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Photos with attribution requirements:
Mileysaurus – by MyCanon – https://bit.ly/2UlqC2F
-Edited photo (cropping, blending)

Yee – from the animated film Dinosaur Adventure

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