Diagram Software by Creately for 3 Times Faster Diagrams

Visit http://creately.com to take your diagramming to the next level.
Draw diagrams 3 times faster with Creately’s award winning diagram software. With thousands of users from across the world we’re changing the way people draw diagrams.
Productivity features like smart objects, 1000’s of professionally designed diagram templates and real-time collaboration features make Creately an awesome tool to create stunning visuals.
Draw flowcharts, business process models, network diagrams, org charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, info graphics, UML diagrams, work breakdown structures, SWOT analysis diagrams, PEST analysis diagrams, sitemaps, wireframes, UI mockups , data flow diagrams, use cased diagrams, process maps and many more diagram types using our easy to use drawing tool.
For people who are looking to create some simple timelines we support drawing of Gantt charts as well. Create Gantt charts fast with our auto adjusting objects.
Recently we included a complete library to draw infographics as well. World maps, US stats maps and country maps are included so you can easily drag and drop them to your info graphic. A wide array of charts including pie charts, bar charts and doughnut charts are available to supplement your infographic.
Our productivity features helped us to quickly emerge as a Visio alternative (http://creately.com/visio-alternative-online ). Shared projects as libraries, 1-click create and connects, 1-click access to templates from the drawing area, separate libraries for different diagram types, 1-click styling across multiple objects are some of the features that will save you tons of your time.
Compared to other diagramming products like Visio we provide your better value for your money. While you have to pay around $300 for least featured edition of Visio, our fully featured personal plans start at $5 per month. We also provide a free public plan where you can draw five diagrams. Try out the free version and test is for yourself.

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