Developing a mature risk mindset

APM webinar sponsored by the SWWE Branch on 1 July 2021.
Speaker: Dr David Hillson

Many people rely on the Three Ts when managing risk: Techniques, Tools and Training. A fourth T is more important than these, namely Thinking. This webinar was held on 1 July 2021.

How we think determines what we do. This is particularly true when we are considering risk. When we face uncertainty, we’re not always rational. Instead, we fall back on deep-seated values and feelings about risk, which can often lead to unexpected results. We react rather than respond, driven by gut-level influences instead of thought-through reasoning. Instead of reacting instinctively towards risk, we should cultivate a mature risk mindset, thinking in a more balanced way about risk. This will allow us to make better decisions whenever we are uncertain. How we think about risk will determine how we try to manage it, and an inaccurate view of risk will lead to ineffective risk management.

Developing a mature risk mindset will help us to manage risk naturally, as it becomes part of who we are instead of just what we do. And as we think differently about risk, it will change the way we act towards risk.

In this webinar, David Hillson described the six values that underly a mature risk mindset, and explained how to change your thinking and behaviour.

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