Designing Interfaces Your Users Will Love

Whether you roll out an application to thousands of users or a team of twenty, your users want to work with easy, intuitive, and dare we say sexy interfaces. Good interface design not only means happy users, but it also means less time and money spent training users on a new application.

Join us as we show you how to built interfaces your users will love.

Serena’s solution for Lean BPM makes it easy for non-coders to design and deploy custom, process-based applications without the cost, complexity, and bloated timelines of traditional BPM projects. This means you get your collaborative applications online quickly, without programming skills. These applications include everything from team processes and system connections to custom data elements and granular security. In this session we focus on designing slick, Web 2.0 user interfaces as part of every collaborative application you deploy.

In this session Serena’s John Hastings-Kimball walks you through interface design practices for building great looking interfaces into your process-based applications and Mashups.

In this session you will:
* Learn how to create, edit, and deploy custom interfaces

* Get an understanding of how key elements of a collaborative application, like workflows and security, affect UI design

* See how to include Web 2.0 functionality like Mashups, RSS feeds, and Google Gadgets into your interfaces

* Discover how a lean approach to BPM makes it easy to deploy great-looking and easy-to-use interfaces without any programming

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