Design your thinking – Justyna Pindel, Agile on the Beach 2019

In her talk from AOTB 2019 Justyna Pindel asks the questions, can I be innovative if I am not creative? Is a brilliant idea a stroke of fortune? How to get ahead of competitors?

She explores the concept of Design Thinking – how to change your mindset and the way you perceive the system that you work in. Design Thinking is not only for creative professions but for everyone in the organization. Combined with the Lean Startup’s speed of delivery, it is a powerful tool that can make your business better.

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Justyna is CEO of Wawel Hill and co-creator of ACE! (Agile Central Europe Conference) and BlockchainFiesta. During the last few years, she has worked with various startups as a marketing/business and UX strategist. As a Design Thinker with a background in tech startups, she helps teams to change the way they think and how they approach their problems. Due to her experience in working with both large organisations as well as small startups, she can to bring freshness into mature business and enrich startups with knowledge about mature processes.

Currently, she is focused on building a Women in Agile Community in Poland, is in love with Design Thinking and Lean Startup approach, has her heart set to become AKT and is learning about System Thinking.

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