Design Thinking for Business Analysts Webinar April 25 2019

Rather than waiting around for someone in the business to give you a problem to solve, wouldn’t you rather go out and solve a problem before it has even been defined or acknowledged in the business?

The discipline of business analysis is in the forefront of innovation. Business analysis is behind all process improvement in the organization. Since the overall goal of business analysis is to add value to the organization how can you create and define innovative new solutions to existing business problems or come up with innovative ways of improving the business processes of the organization?

Design thinking is a way of approaching problems, products and processes in a way that generates innovative thinking and produces innovative solutions. This webinar takes you through the basics of design thinking and introduces techniques and practices you can start using right away to improve your ability to innovate and solve problems for the organization as well as for yourself Including techniques such as:
Value maps, customer maps, and hero maps
Improvisation and storytelling
Keeping a customer-centric focus
Personas and prototyping

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