Deliver Maximum Value through Better Business Analysis Webinar

This webinar describes several innovative methods for business analysts to deliver more value to the business and ensure completion of successful enterprise projects. Poor business analysis is the root cause of many project failures. For example, many projects fail or do not deliver anticipated benefits because:
• Teams start on the solution without understanding the problem.
• Business case was either not defined or was poorly constructed.
• A clear, complete, and accurate set of requirements is not captured and defined.
• There is limited focus on business needs.
• Stakeholder needs were not adequately considered.
• Requirements were not adequately prioritized.

Well-executed business analysis fully integrated into the project management process helps ensures projects deliver on expected benefits. To receive maximum value, it is necessary to maximize solution value throughout the project lifecycle. A good solution and project definition delivers superior business value; a poor solution and project definition results in lower business value, even if the project has excellent project management.

To resolve these problems, it is necessary to accurately capture business requirements, elicit stakeholder needs, and prepare complete and accurate functional specifications. Requirements management needs to take place throughout the project lifecycle to confirm that business needs are met and business value is delivered.

The webinar will address the following topics:
• Problem Statement
• Business Case
• SMART Business Objectives
• Business Process Optimization
• Stakeholder Assessment
• Solution Assessment and Validation

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