Data Transformation Brick by Brick

Data Transformation Brick by Brick
Donna Wayman, Head of UK Portfolio, Zurich Insurance

Webinar Overview:

If data was Lego, Zurich have undertaken a journey from a jumble of bricks in a box to an ordered and sorted stack with clear instructions. This session will bring to life the practical change and transformation techniques utilised to create a Strategic Data Asset and drive data transformation one brick at a time. It will include an exploration of the key pitfalls and the important of incremental steps in order to achieve whole scale transformation. The story will be told with a little bit of Lego and a lot of experience including:

• How to introduce portfolio management to enable transformation across multiple areas of change
• Translating data and tech to gain board level buy in to integrate change
• The importance of aligning business change and data change to achieve the desired outcome whilst minimising risks

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