Data Modelling Fundamentals – Steve Hoberman Seminar

Steve Hoberman discusses his upcoming seminar: Data Modelling Fundamentals taking place in London 10-11 March 2015
Seminar Information is available at:

Data Modelling Fundamentals contains a complete explanation of data modelling concepts and terminology, along with techniques for producing solid relational and dimensional data models. This seminar and workshop is designed to give you a practical understanding of data modelling that can be applied to your current projects. Delegates will receive a copy of Steve Hoberman’s book, Data Modelling Made Simple.

Learning Objectives

Explain data modelling building blocks and identify these constructs by following a question-driven approach to ensure model precision

Describe relational and dimensional conceptual, logical, and physical data models

Build a relational conceptual data model and a dimensional logical data model

Demonstrate reading a data model of any size and complexity with the same confidence as reading a book

Validate any data model with key “settings” (scope, abstraction, timeframe, function, and format)

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