Data Governance Without a Mandate – Guy Harvey | IRM UK

Expert Insights from the IRM UK Master Data Management Summit & Data Governance Conference Europe 2018

Guy Harvey, Senior Data Governance Manager of Jaguar Land Rover

Data Governance is as much about business change as it is about data. Changing the way data is managed, access or created requires people to see the value that can be gained by coordinating and consolidating efforts to manage data better. Sometimes, people just don’t have time to sit back and reflect on what could be or have the opportunity to learn about best practices, so a more dictatorial approach from an Executive Officer is needed to drive change. But what happens if that isn’t forthcoming and you are left trying to implement Data Governance without a Sponsor or a mandate? This presentation will take you through various approaches, options and tactics that Guy Harvey deployed at various companies to get things moving and make progress without a sponsor or mandate.

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