Cybersecurity Imperatives Vision 2020

Cybersecurity is at the center of executive discussions in 2020. Business leaders recognize that earlier involvement of cyber analysis can help avoid a data breach, which could cripple production operations, or worse, cause a loss of trust in the brand. Learn about the top cybersecurity risks and opportunities they offer to reorganize business plans, security plans and career plans.

DAN RAYWOOD is a journalist with more than 19 years experience; over 10 years covering cybersecurity, including ground-breaking stories such as Stuxnet, Flame and Conficker, the online hacktivist campaigns of Anonymous and LulzSec, and broke the news on the EU’s mandatory data breach disclosure law (now a major part of the GDPR).

In his day job at Infosecurity Magazine, he looks after the official webinar channel and contributes to the twice-annual Online Summit and writes articles for the print magazine and website. He has spoken at events including 44CON, SteelCon, Infosecurity Europe, SecuriTay and BSides Scotland.

BINDU CHANNAVEERAPPA,  Business Analysis Consultant at i-Perceptions Consulting Limited and Director of IIBA UK London Communities is a Business Analysis Consultant who is qualified from IIBA and BCS. Bindu studied Security Management and since has become a keen advocate to make Cybersecurity inclusive within the business analysis. She is part of IIBA’s Cybersecurity Certification team authoring IIBA’s Cybersecurity Certification curriculum.

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