CVS Health #OneStepCloser: SAFe Customer Story

When empowerment and urgency come together, anything is possible.

Join four agile leaders from CVS Health to learn how they banded together to form teams out of existing trains in order to tackle their monumental, and ever-evolving COVID response. What does it look like when all roles across an operational value stream truly come together without the usual complexity and roadblocks that come with being in a large organization? How did they show up, lead with heart, and truly live their values? And what lessons were learned that other organizations can take away from this extraordinary experience.

CVS Health is a leading American pharmacy and healthcare company with nearly 10,000 stores in its network.

Presented at the 2021 Global SAFe Summit, October 2021 by:
– Caitlin Clifford, Senior Director of Digital Health Services /CVS Health
– Rebecca Davis, CVS Health Digital Lean Agile Practice Leader /CVS Health
– Matthew Huang, Senior Product Manager of Immunizations /CVS Health
– Randy Kendel, Release Train Engineer of Immunizations /CVS Health
– Interviewer: Michael Clarkin, CMO, Scaled Agile Inc.

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