Customer Story: A Bosch Transformation Story – The ETAS Journey to SAFe

Customer Story Presentation: Bosch ETAS
2019 Global SAFe Summit, San Diego Oct. 2, 201

For over 130 years the name “Bosch” has been associated with forward-looking technology and trailblazing inventions that have made history. Bosch does business all over the world and is active in the most wide-ranging sectors. In particular BOSCH is the largest supplier for the global automotive industries.

Dr. Volkmar Denner, CEO of Bosch; “For Bosch agility is crucial, it allows us to adjust to the increasing speed of change around us. Agility allows us to remain in a position as an innovation leader.”
We are telling the story how an enterprise of more than 70,000 knowledge workers and traditionally independent business areas has faced the challenge of an agile transformation and started an alignment to common a strategy for mobility solutions and SAFe journey. We will provide a deep dive into one of Bosch`s Business Units, ETAS and show what was already achieved by introducing SAFe and focus on current activities in Lean Portfolio Management and how the companies organizational structure is going to be adopted as a consequence of the SAFe transformation.

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