Critical Success Factors for the Usability of Your Rules-Based Landbot Chatbots

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Landbot: From Designing a Conversation to Building a Chatbot: Learn How to Build Rule-Based Chatbots that Generate Leads, Support Affiliate Marketing, and Deliver Customer Service.

Rule-based chatbots offer a unique income opportunity for several years to come. You can create chatbots for others or create one for yourself that earns passive income by selling products or services, yours or affiliates.

We offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee, so nothing stops you from jumping right in and trying the course out.

At the end of this course you will walk away with a complete chatbot affiliate product sales solution.
But that’s not all, you also will have a fully functioning lead-generation chatbot. BAXBY, as we named our bot, qualifies the leads for our training company. Using our chatbot, we have 50% more time available to talk to highly qualified leads because BAXBY handles the other 50% easily.

There is another major reason people prefer chatbots: Finding vs Searching. Many people are tired of wracking their brain for the right keywords so search engines can serve up a limitless number of options. Chatbots, on the other hand, guide visitors to what they want by offering a few well-crafted choices.

Chatbots are trending in every field and changing how we interact with information overload. Best of all, you can take advantage of this emerging trend.

This course gives you the secret to determining when chatbots are the superior option. You will learn how to phrase questions that convert visitors to customers based on how the human brain makes decisions. But that’s just for starters. To make a difference, you need to learn how to present the questions that are the heart of a chatbot.

Learn the differences between Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots and Rule-based chatbots. Discover how to choose which is best for your situation.

Following a real-life example, learn how to create an engaging rule-based chatbot using the intuitive drag and drop chatbot development platform from Landbot – no programming required. (However, if you are a programmer you can make your bot sing with Landbot’s advanced functionality and APIs). In case rule-based just isn’t enough, learn how to integrate your Landbot chatbot with an AI-driven bot such as DialogFlow.

You will even learn how to match your business objectives with user goals and desired outcomes.
Every salesperson will tell you that they know what path a successful sales conversation must follow. You chatbot is a sales conversation and needs to follow the same rules. Learn how to design and structure a conversational flow for the best visitor or user experience.

Learn how use the power of neuroscience to shape your chatbot messages and create an exceptional and engaging user experience.

Often, people want to talk to other people directly. Add powerful live chat functionality to your bot for products and services that justify your time investment. Don’t waste your valuable time on the low hanging fruit. That’s what chatbots are for.

Great chatbots EVOLVE! Learn how to analyze past conversations and use the results to improve your bot.

We hope, we can share our enthusiasm and conviction about the power and promising future of rule-based chatbots. We are sure that it will simplify the journey of anyone who is looking for products, knowledge, help, or support.

We are confident that you will enjoy the course and gain a ton of valuable skills. To help and guide you, we are with you all the way. Post any question or comments about the course and we will respond ASAP. You can also message us directly.

We offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee, so nothing stops you from jumping right in and trying the course out.

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