Creating connectors & shapes with keyboard shortcuts in Confluence

Keystrokes are for smart folks! Get the most out of your connectors and shapes by using your keyboard to zoom through your diagrams.
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Business Etiquette – How To Fix The 7 Rules That Are Commonly Broken

Business Etiquette is not almost being prudish and also correct. It has to do with regard on your own and others in the work environment. Lionizing for others’ time, appreciating what they do and also setting an example will enhance performance as well as interaction in the work environment both of which boost the lower line for you and your firm.

How to Recognize and Turn Around a Business in Decline – 3 Keys

Just how to maintain it in the black while the economic climate is in the red. Identify signs of an organization in decline and also gain 3 keys for transforming it about, driving it forward and also realizing success rather than mere survival.

5 Time Saving Tactics for Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Services

The majority of lenders have a quite chaotic routine throughout the day. Not just are they liable for handling their sellers, they are likewise in charge of routine financial projects and also solutions. Spare time is not something that goes along commonly in their schedules. Below is a listing of 5 tactics that can aid decrease overlap and save time throughout the day.

How to Deal With Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Tips For HR Reps

Dealing with sex-related harassment in the workplace is no very easy issue. You might have light complaints to full-fledge ones, and also ones in the all set to go to court stage. How you manage them according to business policy will certainly be in your hands. The complying with ideas will certainly set you on the best course to making outstanding decisions and assure that you will certainly do an excellent task.

How to Prevent and Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When a major sex-related harassment lawsuit hits a firm two scenes occur. One a big surprise comes over the faces of owners, supervisors and supervisors. The second scene may be one that comes from the workers and also that one includes a declaration like “it has to do with time somebody did something regarding what is taking place.

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