Creately Diagrams for Confluence

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All new Creately plugin for Confluence. Download via Atlassian Market today!

Our brand new Atlassian Confluence plugin is by far the simplest way to add visual content to Confluence pages. Works natively inside your on-premise Confluence server and stores the documents as attachments on the page itself.

Creately is loved by its users for its ease of use. Drawing beautiful diagrams is quick and easy with 1-click create, drag-drop shapes, preset connectors, editable SVG exports, and 100,000+ diagram examples!

It’s powerful, efficient and a great alternative to expensive traditional software!

More features;

· 1 click create and connect to create diagrams faster

· Contextual toolbars to reduce clutter and speedup diagramming

· Easy styling with a color palette based on themes

· Export diagrams as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG and more

· 1000’s of professionally designed templates

· PDF Export with working links

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