Create a Rigorous Physical Process Model as an Easy Start to a Data Flow Diagram

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DESCRIPTION (lectures 4 and 5)

A Rigorous Physical Process Model is a simple, powerful tool for creating an easy-to-understand picture of how physical material and data flow through an organization. An excellent mode for presentations and analysis, they also represent a perfect entrée to the world of Data Flow Diagrams, Business Process Models, and Workflow Analysis.

Lectures 4 and 5 answer questions like:

1. What is a Rigorous Physical Process Model and why do I need it?
2. What symbols does it use and what does each symbol represent?
3. How can I create a Rigorous Physical Process Model from interview notes?


This KK is part of an eCourse (VIEW FULL COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OUTLINE at In this course you will learn the answers to these questions:
• What is a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and what does it do for you?
• What is the difference between a Rigorous Physical Process Model and a Context-Level DFD?
• What symbols can you use on each type of diagram?
• What is the business value of exploding or levelling a DFD?
• What is a simple approach for drilling down into a process?
• How can you show the internal processes and flows that produce the results?
• What does balancing a Data Flow Diagram mean and what is the business value?
• What is the most efficient approach to balancing a DFD?
• What business value do detailed process specifications offer?
• How can you express detailed specifications for processes and data?
• What is “metadata” and why do you need it?
• What does a fully balanced DFD look like?
• What value does a DFD fragment provide?

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