Contracts – what are they all about, Basic contract law for project managers, Part 1

Basic Contract Law for project managers webinar series
Part 1: Contracts – what are they all about

Thursday 20 May 2021
APM Contracts and Procurement Specific Interest Group (SIG)

presented by Sarah Schütte, Schutte Consulting Limited

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Content description:
Most projects involve contracts with external providers or suppliers of good and services. Those taking on the role of project managers therefore need to know and understand the basics of contract law in order to be effective and avoid risks being ‘gotchas’!

Most projects involve buying something from an external provider. This can range from ‘off the shelf’ widgets to complex contracts for multi-million packages.

Regardless, if you don’t know the basics of contract law, both in the procurement and ‘in-contract’ management phase, you can inadvertently put your organisation at significant commercial risk. On the other hand, if both parties clearly articulate and understand their legal and contractual obligations, then the project is far more likely to be a success.

What does this mean? Having a basic knowledge of contract law is an essential pre-requisite for an effective project manager!

This first webinar tackles the issue of contracts – what are they all about?
It covers contract formation and the five foundations for a contract; letters of intent; express versus implied terms; freedom of contract and boundaries; special contracts.

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