Continuous Improvement – The new normal post Covid

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While the outbreak of Covid-19 looks to continue, it is important that our focus shifts to what organisations and businesses can do in the long term as we return to our normal lives. At We are Lean and Agile, they are committed to continuing their support to existing and new users. Ready to deploy Engage effectively in their organisations.
Engage is easy to use, allowing process gurus to quickly utilise the functionality to maximise the investment in the application but also providing an organisation the option to offer process mapping capabilities to many more non specialist employees and increase the pool of resources, allow for rapid iterations and continuous improvement of processes.
Engage also offers the Ability to analyse and compare a multitude of different values and measurements, with all the information being held within the process map itself rather than in separate tables or documents. Users can get different views of the process (swim lanes, value add etc…) or compare “As Is” to “To Be” at the click of a button. It is pointless making a system easy to use and engage with, if you cannot accurately and easily record, analyse and compare the additional information provided by real users.
Continuous improvement, ISO management and training are simplified as each finalised process is electronically stored and version controlled. They can then be easily reviewed and updated as part of a continual improvement procedure as and when required. Each process can be exported as a pdf or saved as a manual for use in training and ISO documentation. This saves time, improves compliance and allows organisations to react to change.
Software like Engage is going to become more prevalent than ever post Covid-19 as the need to streamline our businesses and get back to work takes hold. Even now we can see just how much technology is aiding us to work and even live as perhaps the first time in recorded history, our sole ability to communicate and connect with others starts with the click of a button.
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