Continuous Improvement Engineer – The Role and the Responsibilites

What are the responsibilities of the continuous improvement engineer are described. Both companies’ requirements and my idea are explained.

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✏️ Here the transcript of the video

▶ What are the responsibilities of a Continuous Improvement Engineer?

In this video, I will summarize what companies are looking for today and my opinion on the role and the responsibilities of a Continuous Improvement Engineer.

▶ Let’s start with what companies are looking for today.

The Continuous Improvement Engineer is responsible for supporting the improvement of key performance indicators optimizing and reducing waste in manufacturing processes.

The Continuous Improvement Engineer works with the continuous improvement manager to be aligned to the organization’s long-term strategy.

The Continuous Improvement Engineer utilizes analytical skills and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, techniques, and tools to identify improvement opportunities.

The Continuous Improvement Engineer solves problems and deploy a Lean culture as well as teaches, coaches, and mentors others to utilize the same methodologies to improve their processes and solve problems.

▶ The main responsibilities are:

– Facilitate the Daily Lean Morning Meeting to analyze problems with the team and solve them by utilizing problem-solving methods.

– Support the team in the root cause analysis and develop appropriate solutions.

– Lead the Value Stream Mapping to find opportunities for new projects, bottleneck analysis, and waste reduction.

– Document the results and communicate them to team members and stakeholders.

– Obtaining approval and sponsorship for potential improvement initiatives.

– Collaborate and communicate with appropriate cross-functional teams to develop solutions.

– Act as a Lean Change Agent and be able to motivate people to embrace change.

– Weekly develop and track KPIs (key performance indicators).

– Conduct time studies to develop efficient process flow, increase productivity and balance the manufacturing processes.

– Promote the use of the right tool (For example Cell design, 5S, TPM, SMED) to reduce waste & increase productivity.

▶ Let me now describe in detail what I think a Continuous Improvement Engineer has to do.

1. With the Continuous Improvement Manager has to be assigned 100% to 1 or a maximum 2 product family with no more than 100 people involved.

2. Once assigned he has to set-up and facilitate the Lean Daily Morning Meeting helping the Value Stream Leader and the team to be daily present and create visual management of the KPI.

3. For the product family he is responsible for, he has to lead the Value Stream Mapping.

4. Once the Value Stream Mapping is created he has to help the team to develop the to-be status by the action plan and monitoring the trend of KPIs.

5. The use of the right tools and the keep the focus on the constraints is one of the main tasks.

6. Monitor the results, involve other departments, and celebrate the success.

My suggestion is to keep the role simple and straightforward. No more than this.

To my experience, the investment of a continuous improvement engineer is paid a minimum 2 times.

For example, if the company spends 100000 $ on a Continuous Improvement Engineer, easily the company can get savings for 200000 $ just by selecting the right candidates, training them, and let them work focused on 1 or 2 value streams.

Do not believe that the supervisors or the line managers can do this work alone.

Numerous companies have discovered that executing and supporting Lean requires full-time continuous improvement engineers.



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