Connector styling options in for Confluence

Customize the look and feel of your connectors by using the format panel. There are so many options, be sure to try it all!
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How to Initiate and Then Continuously Reinforce the Value of Resilience Within the Organisation

Many business have a clear purpose, vision as well as mission with a collection of firm worths to aid lead them towards success as well as success. There is usually substantial financial investment to assist staff members value as well as understand these business objectives; nonetheless they are usually lost as short-term top priorities take control of. Everybody have our very own set of personal values and also ideas, although we typically don’t bring them to the surface. It is well understood that disappointment and displeasure can often develop when people feel their values are being endangered by the business they benefit.

How Humour and ‘Giving Back’ Can Improve Workforce Productivity

Mark Twain recommended that ‘job as well as play are words utilized to explain the very same thing under different conditions.’ Employees do not always connect the office as a ‘fun’ environment nonetheless firms can think about means of creating energy as well as rate of interest into business without endangering productivity.

How Helping Your Workforce Focus Drives Improved Productivity

Preserving a clear concentrate on the task at hand whilst running in today’s hectic office setting is becoming significantly challenging, resulting in larger demands on individuals’s interior power systems. There are basically 2 sorts of distractions that can cause focus loss and also absence of focus. The very first is the internal ‘babble’ taking place within individuals’s minds as well as the second is external interruptions.

How To Grow Your Small Business In Any Economy

You definitely can grow your little business in any type of economy as well as in this article you will certainly locate 5 activity steps that you can implement promptly to get you began. These useful pointers apply to standard as well as on-line companies.

How Signposting Local Services and Bringing Well-Being Into the Workplace Improves Productivity

The workplace supplies a chance for staff members to figure out where they can access support and also solutions to enhance health and also well-being. For instance, there are a number of testing programmes that are suggested for both males and females at different phases of their lives.

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