Communication debt: How information flows affect our product innovation

“Any organization which designs systems is constrained to produce designs which are copies of its communication structure.” This phrase was originally published by Melvin E. Conway in 1967 and it is commonly known as the Conway’s Law.
How to escape from the effects of this principle in our product development? Is the role of the proper internal communication undervalued as a key factor for the success of the product? What organization types foster or hinder communication and the effects on our company innovation?
Ivan Goychev will prove to us the importance of the information flows and how to avoid the communication debt. He will share with us some industry experiences from his time at product companies such as Amazon, Vayant Travel Technologies and Cobuilder.
About the speaker:

Ivan Goychev is Chief Technology Officer at Cobuilder focused on collaboration software for the construction industry. Prior to his current role, he spent 3 years at Amazon, leading the software development teams owning services for delivering network traffic analysis solutions to the internal AWS organizations. He also served as VP of Technology of the Bulgaria-based B2B air fare search company Vayant Travel Technologies, sold to PROS Holdings for $35 million in 2017.

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