Combine Big Data with Enterprise Data to Improve Business Performance Webinar

Big data opens an entirely new data universe to consider and use to improve decision making. But how does a business/systems analyst turn it into actual usable data so that it can be used for operational improvements that result in real business value? Success depends on how fast and seamlessly you can combine your big data with your enterprise data and present that collective information to your decision makers.

In this presentation, we will discuss the opportunities that are possible from harnessing big data and the challenges the business/systems analyst must overcome to get a positive ROI from your big data project. We will review the work from several projects where big data from outside the company was used to improve business processes at leading financial and communications companies. We will discuss how the integration challenges and delays of batch-oriented big data technologies, such as Hadoop and MongoDB, were overcome to provide “in-context” information to decision makers at the “right time”.

In this webinar, business/systems analysts will learn:

• What is big data and how can it improve your business?

• How big data technologies, such as MongoDB, can be used to store and access data from non-warehoused sources, such as financial trading systems

• The speed advantages of using MongoDB over Hadoop for near real-time analytics

• Techniques for integrating the results of big data queries with traditional enterprise data on a near real-time, or “right time”, basis to instantly benefit the organization.

• Tool and data management strategies that will allow you to reap the benefits from both the vast scope of big data and the contextual information of enterprise data

• Techniques for presenting big data to decision makers

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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