Coal Miners, productivity and socio-technical teams – I. Kirschenbaum & L. Wood

Watch Ilam Kirschenbaum and Laurence Wood deliver a true story about a unique mining community and what it teaches us about creating a culture of productivity and hyper-productive teams at Agile On The Beach 2019. Together, Laurence and Ilan take a journey from the Yorkshire coal pits to today’s cross-functional, self-organised, highly motivated teams.

Ilan fell in love with programming at age 13, which naturally became his day job. Until one day he realised programming was not fun at a large, process-hungry, organisation. He then fell in love again with “programming” teams and organisations, the Agile way.

Ilan is a co-founder and agile coach at Practical Agile, an Agile consulting firm, and co-founder at Practical Software, a boutique software house. Ilan is a LeSS practitioner, a graduate of the Program of Organizational Development and Consulting in the Psychoanalytical-Systemic approach and a member of Ofek, Organization-Person-Group – the Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes.

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Laurence inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often using Agile and Lean in India and the UK. His Lean and Agile experience spans 25 years from Jaguar apprentice to Agile Programme Manager at Callcredit Information Group via City of London Head of IT.

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