Chris Potts on Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture

Chris Potts discusses his upcoming public seminar: Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture, this can be run as an inhouse seminar for your organisation. The Seminar Information is available at:

The fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture (EA) – frameworks, methods and tools – equip each Enterprise Architect for a career-long journey of successes and professional development through working with others. From designing solutions and roadmaps to maximising EA’s contribution across the enterprise, the journey relies on Enterprise Architecture’s ability to influence business decisions, to shape investments in change, and to measurably enhance enterprise performance.

This intensive two-day seminar and workshop focuses on successful management strategies for Enterprise Architecture. It includes – for example – measuring the architectural performance of an enterprise, discovering the often-unstated interpretations of corporate and business strategies, formulating a winning strategy for Enterprise Architecture itself, and executing that strategy every day through each architect’s ‘play-or-pass’ choices.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of Enterprise Architecture in practice, the seminar will help you to:
• Benchmark your management strategy for Enterprise Architecture
• Supplement your EA frameworks, methods and techniques with strategic, political and investment skills
• Explore how you can best maximise EA’s contribution across the enterprise
• Build the reputation of Enterprise Architecture as a strategic capability
• Plan the next stages of your EA journey

This is a seminar for everyone who has an interest in the contribution and reputation of Enterprise Architecture. It is focused on the management and leadership aspects of EA, rather than the frameworks, tools and methods that architects use for designing solutions and roadmaps, so has a wider potential audience than many other EA-related seminars.

Learning Objectives
• Formulating a successful management strategy for Enterprise Architecture
• Evaluating and enhancing an enterprise’s architectural performance
• Choosing the most valuable EA interventions
• Influencing other people’s strategies, plans and investments in change
• Collaborating effectively with others to grow EA’s contribution and reputation

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