Chris Potts on Driving Business Innovation with EA

Chris Potts discusses his upcoming seminar: Driving Business Innovation with EA,this can be run as an inhouse seminar for your organisation. The Seminar Information is available at:


The purpose of Enterprise Architecture is to improve business performance. Success depends on having highly-influential Enterprise Architects, providing leadership in business decisions about the enterprise’s structure, innovations and investments in change.

The more that Enterprise Architects drive better business performance through innovation, the greater the influence they can have. As the history of Enterprise Architecture has also shown, the opposite is also true. The less it impacts business performance, the less influential Enterprise Architects will be, however much they excel at the technical aspects of their role.

This seminar is designed for Enterprise Architects and the people they work with, to explore how best to make Enterprise Architecture a highly-valued innovative and influential business discipline. At its core, this means integrating formalised Enterprise Architecture with corporate and business strategies, business planning, and the process of creating value from investments in change.

The focus of the seminar is on how to embed Enterprise Architecture into mainstream business decision-making, rather than on the frameworks and processes that Enterprise Architects use.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of what works, and what doesn’t, the seminar will help you to benchmark and develop your organisation’s maturity at driving business innovation and performance with Enterprise Architecture, including:

•The ‘Double-E, Double-A®’ journey for integrating formalised Enterprise Architecture with mainstream business leadership
•How to think and act like an enterprise investor: evaluating the architectural performance of a business and where investing in change will improve it
•How Enterprise Architecture drives performance-enhancing business innovations
•The Enterprise Architect as a scenario planner.
•Understanding the politics of Enterprise Architecture, and its impact on business culture

Learning Objectives

You will take away a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate Enterprise Architecture with mainstream business management, and how to realize the full potential of Enterprise Architects. Many people find that the experience permanently changes their perspective of what Enterprise Architecture is all about, including:

•Your strategy for innovating with Enterprise Architecture
•Specific, architectural, measures of business performance that Enterprise Architects need, to plan their most valuable interventions
•Developing, illustrating and applying design themes for the enterprise’s architecture
•How Enterprise Architects use scenario planning to guide business decision-making
•The interdependencies between Enterprise Architecture and investing in change
•Fostering collaboration around the enterprise in ways that enhance measurable results.

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