Cheese Bois

Cheese bois are adorable, yet regal critters. They certainly deserve recognition amongst the doggos, cattos, sneks, and birbs. So we made another Lucidchart diagram to explain all the internet names for rats and mice.

A big ol’ cheese boi is called a plague boi, but not all plague bois are bad bois. In fact, they’re good bois.

To understand cheese bois you have to understand rat-natomy. First, there’s the sniffly wiggler, also called the snoot. Always deserving of a little boop. Then there’s the radar dishes, beady peepers, whippy bit, lil grabbies, and the chomper.

Cheese bois have many relatives, like the tree rat, the ouch mouse, also called the spikey floof, the furry potato, the guinea big, and the mouse.

Cheese bois have to watch out for lots of predators, like birbs, sneks, and danger cheese. But the most lethal predators are cattos, and the more fatto the catto, the more dangerous. He chomnk, he dangerous. A h*ckin’ chonker is h*ckin’ dangerous, and if it’s a megachonker…mega dangerous.

There are lots of clever names you can give your cheese bois, like Julius Cheeser, Roger Cheddarer, and Rat. It’s short for Ratthew. He’s a gouda boy.

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Plague Boi by Edal Anton Lefterov

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