Changes to our services due to COVID 19. Continuous improvement in a crisis.

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has forced vast changes upon our daily lives and sadly, many businesses have had to close. It is therefore the responsibility of many to support those most in need today in whatever way they can.
In response to the outbreak, We are Lean and Agile have changed their delivery approach. Focusing on webinars to support their customers as well as offering all training remotely and free. They have focussed on trying to support their users across the public and the private sector during the COVID outbreak and lockdown.
One of the most talked about issues we hear today, particularly with the NHS and the outbreak is the ever-growing need for speed and productivity. The Engage software allows you and your business the ability to brainstorm, build process maps, comment and store information instantly and then share across an entire organisation in one email, shortening the time it takes to undertake even the most complex of process reviews. Not only is each process map much more accurate because of the detailed information that can be recorded and reviewed but there is a productivity increase of some 30 – 40 % due to the time saved to undertake the whole review.
Remote access has also been vital for all organisation since the implementation of social distancing rules and with the software being SAAS based you can take comfort that any employee can join in a process review wherever they may be stationed. The functionality within the software enables users to run remote improvement workshops which is a great help with current restrictions.
From all of us at We are Lean and Agile, we would like to thank the NHS and other key workers for the work they are doing right now. Stay safe. Stay home.

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