CBAP CCBA – Solving Case Study Based Questions

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About this webinar:
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is the most recognized Business Analysis certification in the World. Getting CBAP certified enables a professional to build credibility and gain confidence in the workplace.
IIBA® Certified professionals (CBAP/CCBA) earn higher salaries than non-certified professionals.*

CBAP Certification Exam comprises of Case-study and Scenario based questions. Answering these questions requires understanding of the concepts, their relationships, and application.

How is this webinar going to help? We will focus on providing clear and actionable tips and tricks to solve the Case study and Scenario based questions efficiently. Preparing for CBAP or CCBA certifications? Think of this session as a pit stop. You can join this guided and useful session to see how CBAP / CCBA exam questions are solved.

TAKEAWAYS: This session will help you to assess your preparation level or help you get started with the practice session.

This webinar is sponsored by Techcanvass.

*IIBA 2020 Salary Survey Report

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