Cat Snakes, Noodle Bears, & Bandit Bois – Internet Names for Ferrets

Cat snakes (ferrets) are what you get when you combine a cat and a snake. And they have many other names, like the noodle bear, bandit boi, and limousine mouse.

Cat Snakes do many poses like some assembly required, wet noodle, hang 10, and noodle ball. And of course we can’t forget the draw me like one of your French cats.

Cat snakes like to do two things, and the first is sleep. The second is stealing. They’ll steal basically anything they can get their little paws on. They’re adorable, and completely unforgettable.

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Photo credits
Blanket shark, incredible hihg speeds, bridge sleep, adorable crimes, vandalism, attacc, steal, books, toys, socks, everything
Photos by: @kim_and_oscar –

Noodle ball/some assembly required/snek sleep
Photo by: u/wholetmebehere

Hang 10
Photo by: u/ranipe

Draw me like one of your French cats
Photo by: u/okammii

What’s this?, it’s mine now
Photos by: @threefurrysneks


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