Career clarity and your next steps

Career clarity and your next steps webinar

Wednesday 2 March 2022
APM Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group

Presented by
Jeanette Pope

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Content description:
Gaining clarity for your career by examining preferences, strengths, development areas and ensuring your next career steps, CV and development plan are aligned.

This engaging and personal webinar covered:
– How to set you up for career success by identifying your next career steps to get out career overwhelm and frustration and achieve your dream career.
– Strengthening your CV to support your career aspirations.
– Updating your development plan with crucial areas to be addressed.

These outcomes are achieved by gaining clarity on:
– Spending quality time analysing your strengths, areas of enjoyment and where these overlap.
– Reflect on areas of enjoyment not identified as a strength.
– Considering challenges to your career; areas in need of work, improvement or avoidance.

The webinar provides suggestions and ideas on where to go for additional support with these suggestions, ideas to think about and gain clarity on strengths.

The webinar finished with action. Participants are challenged to commit to their next step, to capture what their intent is and give themselves a challenging timescale to complete it.

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