Capital One: Reimagining Product and Delivery through Agile – SAFe Summit 2017

Anand Francis, Director, Agile Coach Capital One
Greg Jaeger, Agile Coach Capital One

Capital One Commercial Bank began its transition to an Agile organization with the declaration that it was now Capital One Technology. “This was more than a name change,” Capital One CIO Rob Alexander said. “It was a declaration that we would no longer be a traditional bank IT shop. …”

Capital One was not a one team, one product organization. Our products were complex and evolving to a digital world and customer focused discovery and delivery model. We quickly realized we needed to be a scaling organization. “We looked at other frameworks for Agile, but SAFe offered a well-supported framework with clear guidelines, training, and experts to support us throughout the journey,” says Anand Francis, Director of Agile Coaching Services, Capital One Commercial Banking.

As we began to mature we needed our teams and trains to know where they were on the journey to become agile; to become scaled. To that end, the Agile Maturity Assessment was developed and delivered not through a yes/no questionnaire, yet through value outcome statements in five areas: Sustainability, Value Delivery, Scaled Agile, Culture, and Technical Health.

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