Can I Trust My Data ? – Lean Short Thoughts #1

Can I trust my data? This is a basic question often forgotten.
Two simple tips to improve this fundamental aspect.

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👉 Shorts Thoughts

This is the first video of a mini-series of “Short Thoughts” that aim
just to highlight some point in less than 1 minute.

✏️ Here the Transcript of the Video

Can I trust my data?

This should be a basic question before starting any improvement program.

Deming said: “In God we trust, the others bring data”.

I agree with him very much, as long as the data is reliable.

Too often I see people processing a large amount of data even before checking with the team if they were reliable.

Unreliable data generates a lot of waste.

Two practical tips:

1) Take adequate time to verify the reliability of the data before starting the improvement cycle.

2) Start from the most important data according to the Theory of Constraints. Is the company producing the output requested by the customers?

Thanks for your attention.

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