Business Analytics Course | A Roadmap to Business Analytics – Tools, Techniques & Applications

#BusinessAnalyticsCourse | Business Analytics, the methodical exploration of organization’s data with an emphasis on statistical analysis, is a better career opportunity to earn more and give your career the right direction for success. Great Learning uploads videos that show you – a Roadmap to Business analytic – tools, techniques & applications. Learn a lot more about business analytics courses and its potential. Our videos are uploaded by industry’s experts after their experience and ways of learning more. Subscribe our channel and get videos on business analytics courses.

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A roadmap to Business Analytics. Learn about various tools and techniques in Business Analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, and which one to use for different variables.
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Dr. P K Viswanathan, Professor at Great Lakes Institute of Management shares a roadmap to Business Analytics.
He talks about the supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, and which one to use for different kind of variables.

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