Business Analysts to Watch in 2022: Reydan Yaşar

Nowadays, business analysts focus on being agile and product ownership.
These are the current worldwide trends.

By focusing on agile and product ownership we can support maximizing the value delivered and build faster. On the other hand, the earth struggles with many environmental problems, and organizations’ consciousness of these problems has increased.

Since we design products, solutions, services, and processes that change people’s lives and the world, we have the chance to make an impact. At that point, only being agile and product-centric will not be enough, we need to integrate sustainability viewpoint into the product design and development processes to increase the social value.

Regardless of the role, from strategy to execution, concentrating on building environmentally sustainable vision, strategy, and way of working becomes essential. To achieve this, we can focus on business agility, DevOps transformation, hearing diverse voices, enhancing non-functional requirements, having automated processes, and expanding our skills in technology & data analytics.

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