Business Analysts to Watch in 2022: Jérémie Guay

I foresee that Scaled Agility will continue to gain popularity in our organizations.
Even though there is no Business Analyst role per se in the SAFe documentation, I would argue that most of the roles in scaled agility benefits from a Business Analysis skill-set and vision.

Afterall, being a business analyst is much more than the title.
The BABOK says it best, “A business analyst is any person who performs business analysis tasks described in the BABOK® Guide, no matter their job title or organizational role.”
Don’t limit yourself to a job title.

Whatever you decide to do with your career (PO, RTE, Data analyst, or anything else) I believe cultivating a growth mindset is the best way to stay relevant, deliver more value and thrive in this continually changing world we live in.

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