Business Analysts to Watch in 2022: Georges Bryson

The evolution of business analysis professionals into expanding roles depends on a combination of digital skills, business acumen, and targeted knowledge to drive better business outcomes across all industries.
The question is: What is Trending in 2022 for professionals doing business analysis? The answer is … IT DEPENDS! In reference to the IIBA’s career spoke model depicting the evolution of business analysis roles; some roles are more technical and some more business focused. So, where should you direct your attention ? Be led by your CURIOSITY factor and seek to discover areas of our profession you have never explored before! Then be driven by your PASSION, be a specialist and help change our business world collaboratively with your stakeholders in a sub-domain you love … LOVE, a word you will not see in the BABOK® 😉

This is what I call the business analysis Generalist-Specialist Career Pendulum. In my case, my curiosity factor was stimulated recently by the world of Metaverse and AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality), so those elements are now on my bucket-list for 2022 along with my desire to earn my IIBA® CPOA®. Make 2022 YOUR year for sustained Business Analysis growth and evolution.

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