Business analyst role in plan and agile driven approaches and skills needed

In the practice of business analysis people come from diverse backgrounds. There may be people belonging to a product oriented company who define and deliver commercial products or you may work in an organization delivering IT solutions or you may have a background of domain experience or a tester who got into the role of a business analyst. Regards less of how any one comes into the role of Business analysis all competent business analyst need to have essential skill sets to make their business analysis job more effective and productive. The topic mentioned would focus on the essential skill sets that are required for a business analyst. In the current scenario rapidly changing market conditions are requiring companies to shorten the delivery life cycles and delivery value to customers in shorter spans of time and hence the companies have started looking at new ways of development process and so is the reason for a shift to agile way of development. In this context the role of business analyst has gained lot of importance and so the Session will also focus on the role of a business analyst in both plan driven and agile change driven approaches.

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