Business Analyst or Business Strategist with Adrian Reed for FTI

Our organisations operate in a fast-moving business environment. There are external pressures, opportunities and threats that they have to respond to, and there is a need for immediacy. More and more innovative projects are being initiated, and business analysis is a core discipline that enables this effective and innovative change.

Yet how can organisations ensure that they are doing the right thing? We’ve probably all seen cases where change was pursued for ‘change’s sake’, or where projects were pushed through even though they really should have been chopped and stopped.Busin

As BA practitioners we have a huge amount to contribute, and the discipline of strategic business analysis is increasing in importance. You may have seen that there is an entire knowledge area in BABOK® v3 entitled “Strategy Analysis”—but perhaps you’ve wondered what this is, and how it relates to you? If so, this is a webinar for you!

In this webinar, Adrian Reed discussed:

· What strategic business analysis is and why it matters
· How it relates to projects, and the challenges that emerge if it isn’t carried out
· How practitioners can start to utilise strategic techniques in their day-to-day work (even if their organisations don’t yet realise the importance of up-front analysis)

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