Business Analysis Competency Model by IIBA

The Business Analysis Competency Model® describes the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required for a person to perform effectively as a business analysis professional. Derived from the BABOK® Guide it is a skills assessment tool and a professional development guide. The BABOK® Guide describes the knowledge required to perform business analysis, while the Competency Model addresses the remaining aspects of competency.

Identifies 53 Business Analysis performance competencies with behavioural indicators and techniques associated with each level of business analysis performed
Assists in understanding the levels of competency in the business analysis profession with mappings of the performance competencies and job profiles to BABOK® Guide Techniques, Tasks, and Underlying Competencies
Supports the four levels of IIBA’s Multi-Level Competency-Based Certification program by highlighting the key competency components associated with each business analysis task
Evaluates current levels against standard levels of performance to understand proficiency levels
Lists business analysis career: context, roles, job profiles, career paths, generalist, advanced, specialty and hybrid roles.


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