Building the Enabling Bureaucracy: How RJ Scaringe is Creating the Rivian Way

Whether you’re building a new organization or attempting to transform an existing one, a first order of business is to bring together the best talent and develop the work culture, practices, and processes that help them work together. Creating such common ground among people from an array of different companies, each of whom are bringing their old ways of working, can be a challenge.

Josh Howell, LEI president, interviewed RJ Scaringe, founder and CEO of Rivian, a startup electric vehicle manufacturer based in Plymouth, Michigan, about how he tackled this issue. Joining them was Jim Morgan, Rivian COO at the time of the interview, and Matt Savas, director, Lean Global Network. The exchange offers insight into how the startup is building the Rivian Way – and the approach any company can use to create a unique culture based on “first principles” and from the strengths of its talent.
At the Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX), Jim Morgan, Senior Advisor for Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) at LEI, will share a first principles approach to improving new product, process, and service development. A first principles approach to lean transformation helps you to strip away thought-limiting dogma and create bespoke solutions tailored to specific environments and challenges. In this session Jim will introduce each principle, explain why it’s important, and then, with the help of experienced industry professionals, share examples of specific practices that embody the principles from various companies

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