Building Decision Trees with yEd Live

A decision tree guides a user from an initial question into one of the multiple possible end states. Each step along the decision process presents a choice that will branch down further until the user reaches a result.

In this webinar, we interactively build decision trees in yEd Live from scratch.
We see different approaches on how to use the tools provided within yEd Live so that the presented techniques can be applied to almost any other diagram creation with yEd, yEd Live, or Graphity for Confluence.

00:00 Welcome to the webinar
00:16 Agenda
01:38 yWorks
03:17 Decision Trees
06:58 Introduction of yEd Live
10:26 Building a Decision Tree with yEd Live
18:46 Example Decision Trees created with yEd Live
21:28 Summary of yEd Live
22:38 Further usage examples of Decision Trees
26:17 Q & A

The following links provide more information about decision trees and how it is supported by yEd and yFiles:

Launch yEd Live:

Free diagram editors:
Editable decision tree examples:
How to build interactive decision trees:

Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

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