Build the foundation for sound data science

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Data science and big data analytics are hot topics these days. Over $200 billion will be spent on big data projects through 2016. However over $600 billion will be wasted annually due to poor data or poor data quality. How do we ensure that our valuable dollars are not being flushed down the drain? How do we ensure that the decisions being made are based on accurate data? How do we improve the effectiveness and productivity of our data professionals so we can make better more timely decisions at the speed of business?

Join us to learn how Dell Software can help you overcome these challenges to help you rapidly deliver accurate data science.

By the end of this session, you’ll know how to:
o Access and integrate to all of your disparate data sources.
o Simplify complex query development and ease the technical burden on your IT staff.
o Prepare data to ensure accuracy and give business leaders confidence to make data-driven decisions.
o Validate data quickly and easily to speed decision making across your business.
o Leverage advanced automation and scheduling to increase productivity.

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