bpmNEXT 2015: Building Sustainable Process-Based Apps

bpmNEXT 2015: Building Sustainable Process-Based Apps presented by Miguel Valdés Faura, Bonitasoft

Business applications, like business processes, must evolve as business evolves, in a way that maximizes an organization’s employees’ ability to continuously deliver innovation and improve their existing business. To address the need for flexible process applications that are user-friendly and remain relevant over time, Bonitasoft has introduced the innovative concept of Living Application. The goal is to reduce the gap between processes in environments that change, and deployed applications based on those processes, by providing a set of tools that will allow developers to build sustainable applications. We will demonstrate some of the innovation in Bonita BPM 7: advanced new technology that makes Living Applications easy to build, customize, deploy, and maintain with “live” changes, improvements and updates on business logic, business data and graphical interfaces.

As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Bonitasoft, Miguel leads the charge in the company’s mission: to democratize Business Process Management (BPM), bringing powerful and affordable BPM to organizations and projects of all sizes. Prior to founding Bonitasoft—now the global leader in open source BPMS—Miguel led R&D, pre-sales and support for the BPM division of Bull Information Systems, a major European systems provider. Miguel is a recognized thought-leader in business process management and passionate about open source community building.

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