bpmNEXT 2015: BPM and the Internet of Everything

bpmNEXT 2015: BPM and the Internet of Everything presented by Harsh Jegadeesan and Benjamin Notheis, SAP

In a continuously challenging business environment, organizations are looking for technology enablers to manage the next digital business transformation, influenced by the big data phenomenon and the seemingly endless possibilities to connect the world with IoT (Internet of things) technology. We will demonstrate how SAP´s BPM offering helps to manage a big process in the context of internet of things and enable machine-to-process scenarios. We will show how this technology allows users to sense and respond situations before they become problems – manage a big process with goals, milestones and checklists and embrace a new form of intelligence in machine-to-process communication.

Harsh Jegadeesan is currently the Chief Product Owner of SAP Operational Process Intelligence. Harsh has broad experience in the areas of business process management, SOA, decision management and operational intelligence. Harsh holds a PhD in computer science.

Benjamin Notheis is a Product Manager in the BPM area at SAP SE. Currently, his focus areas are SAP Operational Process Intelligence and Smart Process Applications. Benjamin has a rich background in BPM, having worked in software engineering and product management roles for SAP Business Process Management and SAP Process Orchestration. In addition, Benjamin participated in defining the OASIS WS-HumanTask standard.

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